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3 personal must-see pavillions at the 2012 Venice Biennale..!


More than the content – the informal occupation of the Torre David skyscraper in Venezuela – the focus goes to the concept behind the pavilion itself. The re-creation of a Venezuelan ‘cantina’ helped to create an informal meeting point where people could sit, meet and relax in the middle of the Arsenale. The pavilion is a reflex of UTT’s ambition: to give voice and architectural meaning to bottom-up informal initiatives around the world.

on content: BELGIUM
The chosen theme is of high importance to European reality. Behind the title, ‘The Ambition of the Territory’, is hidden an intensive research into how to deal with urbanity, densification, sprawl and suburbia. It’s a kind of alternative third way, to be carefully studied after the curtain is going down.

on design: RUSSIA
The curious strategy of wrapping walls, floor and ceiling with a grid of QRcodes transported visitors into a futuristic atmosphere. It is a clear promotion of high technology, allowing an interesting but alienating experience of pointing a tablet to a specific code and getting access to projects of the new Russian ‘i-city’. Interesting design approach, but far from the main Biennale theme of ‘Common Ground’.

One Response to “concept, content & design”

  1. 1 Zacher

    Been there, seen that :) I like those pavillions, but I’ve spent most time in American one. I’m always amazed on those little big things ppl can do to improve… improve everywhere :)

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