Landscape lab: interesting project, what future?


The Landscape Laboratory is a project integrated in the Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture, thus co-financed by European funds. This new laboratory is the visible part of a major strategic investment that intends to re-qualify and reinvigorate the surrounding rural territories on the outskirts of Guimarães, focusing on the research of the physical and ecological aspects of this environmentally protected area.

However, it remains to been seen whether or not this building will become a so-called white elephant. Its prosaic concept, which assumes the construction of a physical space without a well-defined programmatic future, might result in a building that is useless and expensive to maintain. In fact, despite the project commission and building ownership by the city council, the management of the new building was assigned to the University of Minho, which could be the only public entity in the region with the capacity to bring life and intense use to the new space. The question then arises whether this building was really necessary, and if a need for it will continue in the future.

In spite of these inherent snags, the architecture in itself is very interesting.


more to be read in the next A10 magazine (Jan/Feb ’13)

A10_Landscape Lab_01


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