“We look at the human dimension in urban planning. And the strange thing is that we actually have no competitors, even though we have been active in this area for years.”

Jan Gehl (seen here and then here)


2 Responses to “strangeness”

  1. 1 MateuEnric

    You know why is it so? Because it’s damn difficult ;) This is not about shines, splendor and fame, not about fancy materials and design magazines. This is hard work… meeting all kinds of ppl, spending hours, days and weeks looking at things (and ppl ;) and the result is kind of obvious for ppl (“well, finally it’s just like it should be…”). It’s not very attractive for egotects to be at the backstage, just serving real actors and real show that is life… :)
    And now for something completely different, take a look on some interesting transformation of a city:

    • 2 carlosmgguimaraes

      Hi Mateu! true, it’s hard as hell..! but this is exactly about knowing we’re doing the right choice, the right thing… i can not create an environment where i don’t like to live in…
      and of course this is not about shine or fame, not even about design… is about strategies and (political) decisions! the Moscow example is evident on this.. and it’s about lobbies (car companies, etc)
      abraço from Portugal

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