Spike Lee’s speech & interview against gentrification:


One Response to “gentrification”

  1. Interesting vioce in that discussion on gentrification. Well… first I think that it doesn’t have to do anything with “the race” ;). I’ve seen that in Dresdner Neustadt, (Dresden,DE) , seen that in Kazimierz (Krak√≥w, PL) and seeing that today in Nikiszowiec (Katowice, PL). What it has to do a lot is MONEY. Of course the culture is attracting people, of course places’ history is attracting people… but what attract them most is the economical value of the move. It may seem to u “oversimplified”, but I think it’s the main (not the only, but main) factor of the society strenght. If the society get’s weaker, it’s going to be margninalized that or other way (and finally replaced). What more I think it’s quite a natural process and it’s taking place since ever in various scales. So what can we do about it? If we don’t want our place to be gentrified we have to strenghten the community. And that’s exactly what we try to do in Nikiszowiec :D
    Check the new website – just one of the tools :)

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