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Cleary, what’s needed is a new sort of micro-urbanism focused on small-scale interventions designed to transform the city without threatening nervous residents. Applying the successful Waterfront Toronto model, it would mean compact projects powerful enough to alter perceptions.

Toronto has forgotten — if it ever knew — that less can be more. By contrast, some cities — New York is one — revel in the conviction that anything is possible. The High Line could only have happened in Manhattan. Similar opportunities exist elsewhere, even Toronto, but remain invisible.

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“Curiously, Ettore Sottsass, B.V. Doshi, Aldo Rossi, all three of them at the end of their careers actually say that they don’t want to be called architects. They refer to a larger meaning than what architecture is in terms of the object. They aspire to a kind of zeitgeist and try to become mediators in a cultural process. I agree with that idea of architecture in that I use it to talk about other cultural and social phenomena. In other words, architecture is my vehicle; it’s my vengeance against the inconsistencies and inequities that I see happening in the world. It’s what I know how to do, so I use architecture, the language of architecture, or let’s say my professional capacity, to talk about the city, because ultimately the city and the buildings that punctuate it are the best reflection of our culture.”

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Falemos de casas, do sagaz exercício de um poder
tão firme e silencioso como só houve
no tempo mais antigo.
Estes são os arquitectos, aqueles que vão morrer,
sorrindo com ironia e doçura no fundo
de um alto segredo que os restitui à lama.
De doces mãos irreprimíveis.
– Sobre os meses, sonhando nas últimas chuvas,
as casas encontram seu inocente jeito de durar contra
a boca subtil rodeada em cima pela treva das palavras.

Herberto Helder, A Colher na Boca.

And it also reminded me an old post

“You can wipe out an entire generation, you can burn their homes to the ground and somehow they’ll still find their way back. But if you destroy their history, you destroy their achievements and it’s as if they never existed.”

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“the spoken word is one way to communicate, but through silence is another way” – Robert Wilson


(…) “siempre me he preguntado si los urbanistas podían hacer cambiar realmente las ciudades o si solo estaba en sus manos predecir lo que iba a pasar. Es como adivinar que va a llover o hacer que llueva.”

Deyan Sudjic in a great, short interview to El País.